Hey JavaScript fans — join me and the LaunchPad team on Friday May 6th at our HQ for Angular’s ng-conf Extended. We’ll be tuning in remotely to that afternoon’s sessions and we promise it’ll be an afternoon of food, fun and geeking out over all things JS.

If you haven’t heard of it, ng-conf is the yearly conference put on by the Angular team. It’s a great event to brush up on what’s new in the ecosystem and this year in particular will be interesting as they dive deep into Angular 2.0, which is currently available in beta.

2.0 is a big departure from what I’ve seen so far from the framework, and after taking quick peek at their get started examples I’m excited to find out more. I’ve immediately noticed new patterns that look clean, powerful and reminiscent of React’s component patterns. As a fan of React I’m looking forward to giving 2.0 a test run.

Getting up to speed on the newest release is going to be a challenge, but ng-conf is a great place start. The conference runs from May 4th — 6th and has a heck of a lot of sessions that you can tune into remotely. Our session at LaunchPad will run on Friday the 6th from 3–7pm. We’ll have food and drinks so all you need to do is come by and hang out. Be sure to RSVP to the event here.

See you there!

The LaunchPad Lab Team

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