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One Single Codebase

Ionic enables our developers at LaunchPad Lab to work in a single codebase that includes all of the most commonly requested integrations, offering device-agnostic plugins and creating a solid foundation for mobile app development. Within our digital product agency, Ionic enables us to focus on the features and experiences that are truly unique to your business and will make the most impact—without spending valuable development time re-building the infrastructure Ionic has already created. Some common integrations include:

  • Auth0 integration
  • Push notifications
  • Accessing device settings
  • Access to camera
  • Access to a share button on the phone
  • Copy to clipboard (copy & paste)
Accelerating app development

Our Own Internal Open-Source Ionic Accelerator

Combining the Ionic framework and React with the most commonly needed libraries, elements, and plugins to create mobile applications. This quick-start template also includes the scripts needed to initialize the native build environments, instantly connecting us to XCode & Android Studio, where the development and testing happen.

Why We Love Ionic

  • You’ll Get to Market Faster

    Ionic enables developers to build apps from a single codebase—and then seamlessly deploy them across iOS, Android, and web. By using Ionic in our tech stack, our time-to-market is dramatically reduced, making it possible to go from idea to app in just a few months (depending on the level of complexity, of course). We’ve found that using Ionic cuts down app development time by nearly half—sometimes more!

  • It Transforms Your Digital Experience

    Ionic enables our LaunchPad Lab team to focus on the unique elements of your app, building experiences, and features that are developed solely for your users. We’ve assembled a design team that’s every agency’s dream—and using Ionic gives them the power to focus on designing a user interface that is intuitive, modern, and keeps users engaged.

  • It Promotes Efficiency

    You won’t need multiple agencies or development teams to build with Ionic, and your development team won’t need to learn new technologies, either. Using Ionic app development simplifies the development process from start to finish, enabling you to deploy your code across multiple platforms. This means we can all save time, money, and effort.

  • Your Data Stays Secure

    Ionic includes a number of pre-built security solutions to ensure that your data stays secure at every touchpoint. The platform includes three specific solutions: Identity Vault, a multi-layer native security and biometrics authentication, Offline Storage, which ensures offline data is secure, and Auth Connect, which quickly and securely allows you to integrate with your authentication providers. Depending on the needs of our client, we often use a mix of their out-of-the-box security solutions and upgrades that are available.

Why Choose Ionic for Your App Development?

We will often recommend using Ionic for our client projects if:

  • You want to build both an Android and iOS version of your app.

  • Your customer experience is important, and you want to focus on that instead of the infrastructure.

  • Your app needs to run on multiple platforms with a consistent digital experience.

  • You see the value in spending time on your user interface, and reducing development hours where possible.

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