The Challenge

When first came to our team, they had grown their platform over the course of 6 years through an existing WordPress site. With a much larger vision for what the brand could be, the founder of was seeking the right digital partner to help reimagine the site and develop new functionality. 

Our Approach 

To kick off our work with, we sat down with the founder to obtain a deeper understanding of his unique challenges and his long-term vision for brand growth. To truly transform the brand and monetize it for the future, the brand needed an upgraded digital presence with deeper functionality. 

Led by this vision, we created a long-term roadmap for Our goal was simple: To grow the business, revenue, user base, and functionality so we could set the brand up for success.

To create a new trajectory for, we used Rails, Ruby, and JavaScript as the technologies and frameworks to power the site. 

How We Did It

As we begin to reimagine what would look like, we focused on developing a marketplace app. Led by an easy-to-use interface, users can list their own tiny homes and add photos, descriptions, and details. Then, an end-user can search and filter homes accordingly to find a list of interesting homes. We also included an in-app messaging system to promote communication within the digital platform. 

To support the monetization of and provide new financial opportunities, we developed a pay-per-lead system. The amount was based on the price of the listing, leading to further profitability for the website. We also developed a framework for a dispute center—for any leads that users didn’t want to be charged for. 

One of the other challenges was developing a powerful user experience and interface, every step of the way. We built an admin user interface for sellers, which included a multi-step approval process. Our team also created a dream list functionality, where users could create and sort lists of tiny homes for marketing purposes.

One of the last features we created with was financing options. Many users wanted financing for tiny homes but it wasn’t readily available. partnered with Even Financial to provide financing and included a form to become pre-approved immediately. 

The Results

Based on the digital transformation, launched with immediate results. With their new site and functionality, they garnered about 3–4 million page views per month and within the first year, 200,000 new users signed up, an approximately 300% growth in the user base. 

Over the course of two years, LaunchPad Lab guided from a startup with a small reach to a thriving brand with added monetization opportunities and unique value for users. 

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