The LaunchPad Lab partners recently met up for dinner and a few drinks.

We talked about how crucial our apprenticeship program has been and will be to our continued success. The Starter League in particular has been amazing for our business. All but two of us have taken classes there. What makes Starter League alumni fit so well with our team? Let’s take a look at what we look for in a new candidate:

  1. A passion for what we are doing. We are building awesome products for some amazing clients along with two businesses we think will make a huge difference in the world. (PayValet + CureFaster)
  2. A ferocious appetite for learning. We look for people that recognize what they don’t know and have the desire to roll up their sleeves and do the dirty work to gain the necessary knowledge.
  3. A boatload of potential. We want people who are smart and possess a robust understanding of their work. Every person on our team can be a leader within their specialty in Chicago. Together, we will grow and achieve great things.

The Starter League has done a great job attracting and teaching students who fit our demanding requirements. It is because of this the alumni have a special bond that few other schools can claim.

Toward the end of our meal, our waiter delivered this note from someone who had sat at the bar and already left.

What a nice surprise! They went out of their way to tell us to keep up the good work and didn’t even stick around to accept a thank you. So: Thank You! You are the reason that we love this community. You inspire us to work harder every day.

It’s time to pay it forward.

Tom Cullen


Tom, a very proud and active alumni of St. Bonaventure University, began LaunchPad Lab after an eleven year stint running trading firms and building software in the high speed world of finance. He constantly thinks about how to use software to make enormous impact, and he loves working with clients to maximize their potential. Tom preaches design thinking, business innovation strategy, and works a side gig as a superhero (the latter being a great source of joy to his 1 and 3 year old daughters).

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