Have you ever wondered how hunters find their arrows in the forrest? Well, neither did I until we started working with the team at Breadcrumb Technologies.

Breadcrumb developed an incredible device that helps hunters find lost arrows with their phones.

Breadcrumb’s promotional video went viral last month, getting 10 Million views on Facebook!

Finding Arrows with Salesforce

Breadcrumb uses Salesforce services to power its apps.

Do you already use Salesforce? If so, you’re familiar with the basics like Contacts and Opportunities. But Salesforce can do so much more.

Salesforce makes it easy to access data from other apps. For Breadcrumb, this means the company has real-time access to its mobile app data right in Salesforce.

Two Ways to Access Salesforce Data

There are two ways for a custom app to communicate with Salesforce:

1. API Calls

2. Heroku Connect

1. API Calls

API calls are the traditional way of accessing Salesforce data. API calls can be great for simple functions, such as adding a new Contacts created in a custom app to Salesforce.

But, more complex custom apps may need to sync several objects with Salesforce in real-time. For these types of apps, Heroku Connect is usually a better choice.

2. Heroku Connect

Heroku is a cloud platform by Salesforce for running modern apps.

Heroku Connect is a service that syncs your custom app and Salesforce data. Heroku Connect unifies the data in your Postgres database with the Contacts, Accounts and other custom objects in the Salesforce database.

This gives you the power to build customer-facing mobile or web apps with your existing Salesforce objects and architecture.

Breadcrumb on Heroku Connect

Breadcrumb wanted real-time access to its mobile app data across many objects. This makes Heroku Connect the perfect choice for them. It allows them to know what’s happening with its products in the field.

Learn How You Can Extend Salesforce

We recorded a 30-minute webinar on how you can start getting more out of Salesforce.

You’ll learn:


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