In the bustling world of floor-equipment fleet management and repair, Total Service Solutions (TSS), based in New Jersey and serving a nationwide clientele, stands out for its dedication to tailored client solutions. From the intricacies of preventative maintenance to the complexities of fixed-cost fleet management and emergency repairs, TSS is renowned for its custom approach, ensuring each client’s unique needs are met with precision and care.

The Client

Total Service Solutions is not just a leader in the field; it is a pioneer in crafting bespoke solutions for each customer. Its expansive network, spanning service organizations, parts suppliers, and equipment manufacturers nationwide, is a testament to its commitment to delivering top-tier service. This vast ecosystem, however, comes with its own set of challenges, primarily the need for effective communication and efficient service delivery that lives up to TSS’s stellar reputation.

The Challenge

Despite its success, TSS faced significant operational challenges due to outdated and manual processes:

  • Technicians had to engage in time-consuming calls to an interactive voice response (IVR) system and later manually transcribe these interactions into Salesforce, leading to inaccuracies.
  • The manual data entry process was not only prone to errors but also resulted in several hours wasted on administrative tasks.

The Vision

Recognizing these inefficiencies, TSS enlisted the support of LaunchPad Lab to tackle these issues head-on, with goals to:

  • Streamline reporting and resolution of service tickets, reducing technician time.

  • Eliminate the need for the existing IVR process, thereby reducing manual data-entry time.

  • Enhance the overall quality and accuracy of service call notes.

The Solution

Embarking on this journey with TSS, LaunchPad Lab had a clear objective: to design an internal app that would redefine efficiency for TSS and its technicians. The LaunchPad Lab team started by leveraging Heroku — one of the most efficient pathways to developing a secure, functional, and effective portal. 

As a cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Heroku offers the perfect blend of security, functionality, and ease of use. By capitalizing on Heroku’s robust infrastructure, our team was free to focus on creating an effective and intuitive portal for users.

Transformative Results

The new TSS portal, powered by the synergy between Heroku and Salesforce via Heroku Connect, revolutionized how TSS managed its operations. This integration meant that dispatchers and administrators could work within Salesforce without missing a beat, as data from the field was seamlessly synced in real time.

Technicians now navigate their day with a newfound ease. Accessing work orders through the app, they can swiftly confirm details, check in, execute the task at hand, and check out — all through a simple form submission. This shift not only eliminated the IVR-induced headaches but also drastically reduced errors, ensuring data accuracy and saving valuable time.

Adding New Features

Leveraging the initial success, LaunchPad Lab and TSS continued their partnership to enhance the TSS portal with new features, further driving efficiency and accuracy in the fleet management and equipment repair sector. These upgrades, focused on flexibility and detail, showcase our commitment to continuous improvement and highlight the transformative impact of digital solutions in optimizing operational processes and service quality.

  • Photo Submission Capability

    The photo submission capability allows technicians to upload before and after images of their work orders through the app. This feature boosts accuracy and accountability as well as strengthens trust with clients by providing clear, visual evidence of services rendered.

  • Customizable Form Questions

    The portal now supports customizable form questions, tailored to specific work order types. This ensures technicians report precisely what’s necessary, streamlining data collection, and allowing TSS to collect information that they wouldn’t have been able to collect previously.


If your business faces challenges similar to those TSS encountered, such as outdated processes or operational inefficiencies, LaunchPad Lab is here to help. Our expertise in digital transformation can streamline your operations, enhance service delivery, and improve client satisfaction. Get in touch to explore tailored solutions that leverage technology for impactful results that drive your business forward.

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