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With unbiased expertise and more than a decade of experience leveraging the power of the Salesforce platform, our team can help you evaluate which product is the right solution for your business and provide top-tier Salesforce website integration. From building Experience Cloud-powered portals to using Heroku as the infrastructure for a new mobile app, our team is here to help you enhance your digital experience as a Salesforce partner.

Endless Possibilities for Salesforce Website Integration

Salesforce products integrate seamlessly with each other, making it possible to build websites, mobile apps, and web applications that are fully aligned with the way your organization already works. With endless possibilities for Salesforce website integration, it’s simple to solve challenges caused by manual operations or siloed systems—and evolve your organization’s workflow with ease.

Clients who already employ Salesforce products, such as Salesforce CRM or Service Cloud, can rest assured that the applications we build at LaunchPad Lab will integrate with your Salesforce org, ensuring that you can have a 360°-view of your customer and a single source of truth.

The Foundation for High-Quality Apps & Websites

Our team often utilizes Heroku, Salesforce’s Platform as a Service (PaaS), as the foundation for building high-quality apps & websites. Heroku makes it possible for our Salesforce development agency to focus on building features and functionality that’s truly unique for your business—rather than spending important time (and money) on developing an infrastructure that Heroku already provides.

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Salesforce Products We Build On

  • Heroku

  • Experience Cloud (formerly known as Community Cloud)

  • Mobile Publisher

  • Sales Cloud

  • Service Cloud

  • Marketing Cloud

  • Industries Cloud

  • Commerce Cloud

The Power of Salesforce Website Integration

Why We Love Building on Salesforce

  • You can customize it to fit your unique needs.

    We recommend Salesforce to companies with a unique set of requirements. Through a vast selection of options available in the AppExchange, you can extend a Salesforce solution to accomplish nearly any task thanks to their integrative apps.

  • You’ll connect your data seamlessly.

    If you’re a business with a large amount of data, building on Salesforce enables you to connect all data sources together and create a 360°-view of your customer with seamless Salesforce website integration. Salesforce brings together multiple systems and sources, including external EFP, Supply Chain, HR, or software, such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft.

  • You can build the best user experience.

    Your internal team needs adaptable, flexible, and powerful tools to serve your customers. With a customized Salesforce-powered product, your team will have a plethora of tools at their fingertips to achieve company goals in a productive, effective manner.

  • You're positioned for growth.

    For companies with high amounts of data and a long-term growth trajectory, Salesforce offers the best options. Plus, by building a custom application, you can scale it with your business and it’ll adapt to your growth.

  • You can constantly innovate and improve your digital experiences.

    Salesforce launches at least three products each year, ensuring that innovation and improvements are always on the way. Plus, Salesforce offers a continuous loop of customer-led ideas and input to help shape future releases. As an experienced Salesforce Partner, our LaunchPad Lab team stays in the know with all their newest products.

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