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The Power of Rails

Ruby on Rails or just “Rails” is a web application framework that makes it easier to build a complete web application. By following Rails’ conventions, developers don’t have to worry about how to organize code or where to put a particular file. Developers can focus on the features of the application. It also has the added benefit of leaving clients with code that other Rails developers can understand.

If your business requires data management or features where users must input data, Rails apps make it incredibly simple to achieve. Plus, with an array of front-end elements, we at LaunchPad Lab, a Ruby on Rails agency, can easily create custom forms to engage with users or build an API that interacts with your front-end library of choice. 

With Ruby on Rails, Your Building Potential Is Endless

We’ve built a multitude of applications with Ruby on Rails, including:

  • Internal, Employee-Facing Portals

  • External, Customer-Facing Portals

  • Social Networks & Communities

  • SaaS Products

  • eCommerce Stores

Why We Love Ruby

  • It's human-friendly and logic-based.

    Thanks to its human-friendly nature and intuitive naming conventions, Ruby is easy to learn, read, and maintain. Designed with accessibility in mind, it’s possible to make changes to the code with your internal development team—or get new developers up to speed as your business scales.

  • Convention is prioritized over configuration.

    In layman’s terms, this means that the decisions that are required when building information systems are reflected in future states of the code, eliminating recurring work that a developer would typically face if developing in a language other than Ruby and Rails.

  • Vast integration opportunities are available.

    Ruby enables developers to add file storage and hosting to your application, integrate with email marketing tools like SendGrid, tap into Javascript integrations, and more.

  • It offers enhanced security.

    It has easily accessible security features that guard against various types of security attacks such as XSS/Cross-Site Scripting Attack and cross-site request forgery (CSRF).

  • Development is simplified.

    Working with Ruby on Rails simplifies the development and integration of complex features, such as file management and hosting. Other common features and integrations include working with email delivery tools like SendGrid, adding the latest Javascript frameworks, and more.

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