React Features an Architecture That Encourages Code Reusability and Easy Deployments Using Heroku and AWS

Furthermore, React.js offers the ability to integrate your app with server-side development frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP, .NET, or Java.

Why We Love Building on React

  • It’s Flexible

    React represents the latest performance capabilities in the development industry today. At LaunchPad Lab, we frequently integrate React as the ‘view’ layer for Ruby on Rails-backed applications. This ensures that our clients receive all of the benefits of Ruby on Rails—while maintaining the swift speed and efficiency of React.

  • It’s Human-Friendly

    Thanks to its foundation in JavaScript, React is a declarative language, making it easier to read and reason with. This results in increased speed throughout the development cycle. Whether you choose an external React.js development company like LaunchPad Lab to build your digital experience or you opt to build it internally, React allows developers to prioritize the reusability and extensibility of components.

  • It’s Component-Based

    Traditionally, most web applications feature UIs with complicated data-binding and data layers. With React, components are capable of maintaining their own state—and even passing that state along to other components in the view. This enables digital apps built with React to be fully optimized for reusability and extensibility at every level.

  • It’s Scalable

    As your application or business grows, the React architecture helps developers reason with application login—which simplifies the addition of new features and the creation of new products. If you’re looking for a flexible user interface that’s ready to keep up with your brand, React is one of the best options.

Case Studies

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    Increase Access to Arts Education in CPS Schools

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