Our Approach

To us, good design is more than just aesthetics—we bring robust research and testing to each project to construct a seamless user experience.

  • User Research

    Starting with research, we fully immerse ourselves in understanding your business and your end-user. These activities serve as the foundation for building an intuitive and user-friendly product that solves problems and promotes brand growth. Typical research activities may include a mix of stakeholder/user interviews, research on existing products, visual & UX pattern research, analytics review, and more.

  • User Flows & Wireframes

    After gaining an understanding of your user and their needs, we create user flows and wireframes informed by the information we’ve uncovered. This process maps out every possible action or route a user might take in your application or website and allows us to define functionality requirements on each page.

  • Mockups

    Once we’re aligned on the user flow and wireframes, we begin to pair visual design with the wireframes to bring your vision to life. During this process, we’ll experiment with fonts, colors, and additional visuals to create an aesthetically pleasing user interface—and ensure deep alignment with your core brand guidelines.

  • User Interface Development

    One of the things that make working with LaunchPad Lab unique is that our designers are heavily involved in the user interface development stage. Our team of designers will develop a style guide for our developers, ensuring the transition to the “build” mode is smooth and efficient. During this final phase, our designers also conduct browser/device and accessibility testing.

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