Hybrid Mobile Apps

Our approach to mobile app development enables us to provide businesses with powerful, fast, intuitive, and user-centered solutions in just half the time it takes other agencies. With customer-centric mobile apps, you can drive engagement, improve retention, cross-sell products and services, and grow the overall lifetime value of your customer.

If you have field-based or traveling team members, empower them with the tools they need through an easily-accessible mobile app so they can stay in the know and effectively communicate with their stakeholders. With the help of Ionic, a powerful technology, our team of mobile app developers build iOS and Android-friendly apps that are intuitively designed to solve your challenges and achieve your goals.

We also provide connected apps to power and support the customer experience. This includes alerts, data visualization, device controls, and support.

Mobile-Responsive Websites

You always hear, “We’ve got an app for that!” However, sometimes a mobile app isn’t always the right product for what your business needs. Our team works with you to identify the challenge you’re trying to solve and find the right technology for the job.

For situations that require both mobile and web experiences, a mobile-responsive website might be a better fit. Using modern technologies, we can deliver a mobile-friendly website through the power of a progressive web app (PWA). For prototypes and MVPs, this also will usually end up being the most cost-effective product.

Our Process

  • Discovery

    During this phase, we’re trying to understand critical questions such as, why should we build a mobile app? Who are the users? What problems will it solve for the users? What vision do we have for the experience and features?

  • Generate Baseline Application

    One of the ways that we’re able to reduce time to market by 50% is by using our proprietary App Accelerator. Our App Accelerator makes it possible to generate a baseline iOS and Android application with features such as authentication, notifications, profile management, and support—without spending double-digit development hours to do so.

  • Design Custom Features

    Using our App Accelerator enables our team to focus on designing custom features for your app. We’ll create high-fidelity mockups for the pages, flows, and features that are completely unique to your business.

  • Development

    After we’ve designed the visuals, our team will develop those custom features with a back-end API using a framework like Ruby on Rails while simultaneously building the front-end features in Ionic.

  • Launch & Support

    Once your mobile app is ready to launch, we package it up and deploy it to the Apple and Google Play stores, or deliver it through an Enterprise MDM solution for internal mobile apps. From here, we continue to work with you to develop additional features and understand user feedback to make continuous improvements.

Case Studies

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    How LaunchPad Lab Helped Rabine Coordinate Snow Removal Operations

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