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These phases are integral to your success.

01. Inception

The first meeting is where we put everything out on the table. During this session, we’ll do a series of exercises to establish the project’s core value proposition.

02. Agile Process

Everyone has a role to play during the agile process to ensure the project stays on track. Each phase is a short sprint, typically two-weeks, to deliver a core feature.

03. Client Feedback

Constant communication leads to success. We schedule in-person meetings during each sprint to provide updates on our progress and adjust scope as necessary.

04. Launch

After an intense round of testing, we work with you to create a launch plan. We are there during and after the launch to guide you through the process.

01. Inception Workshops

A Project Kickoff

For each project to be successful, the core value proposition must be defined as early as possible. This enables us, going forward, to conduct our design and development work through the lense of how it supports this high-level mission. We'll conduct a series of workshops with you to define our roadmap.


With an established and clear value proposition, we'll define the key user personas of the application through a white-boarding exercise. These personas are the key stakeholders of your application and will ultimately determine project success.

Brand Message/Site Tone
Brand Message & Site Tone

This workshop helps us understand what voice and emotions the application should evoke. Creating a personality that connects with your user base. We work with you to ensure that this messaging supports and enhances the core value proposition.

User Stories/Feature Creation
User Stories & Feature Creation

We put ourselves in the shoes of each user and define a set of actions that each would take to realize the application’s purpose. These stories live on post-it notes to give everyone an overall view of how users will interact with the site.

Whiteboarding/Story Boarding
Whiteboarding & Story Boarding

To bring the user stories to life, we sketch a few key screens and interactions of the application. This gives everyone a picture of how the stories will be transformed into a visual interface for users, as well as, what our design and development process entails.

“They were very successful at converting our ideas and goals into something they could use to design our application. “
— Adam Hartung, Co-Founder Content Laboratory
“They don't operate like an uptight agency with rules and regulations limiting innovation. They are a team of builders taking your vision to the next level.“
— Tricia Martinez, Shift CEO & Founder
“When we started, the main goal was just to build a better marketing website. Somewhere along the lines, we’ve changed directions a few times, and they've been flexible. “
— Justin Bouchard, CEO of Algofast

02. Agile Process

Flexibility through Iteration

After our kick-off meeting, we enter the agile phases of our process. Each phase represents a short sprint over two-weeks to deliver a subset of features defined in the overall Statement of Work.

Shift blog user interface
Shift blog user interface

03. Client Input & Feedback

Integral to Success

Everyone has a role to play to ensure success of the project. As sprints come to a close, your feedback and ideas are critical. With this, we can be most adaptive to changes in business rules or customer input.

04. Deployment & Launch

Shipping is the Start

While this phase might represent the conclusion of the initial build, it really is just the beginning of this product's growth. Through diligent focus, the application can reach the next-level through aggressive user acquisition.

QA Testing
QA Testing

We continuously test the application through a hybrid of automated and manual tests. As the project nears completion, new feature development stops and we have an intense period of time to focus solely on QA testing. This step ensures production ready code meets a user's expectations.


We'll use a number of different cloud-based solutions to host your application. No one tool is perfect for all your needs. Therefore we consider the layers of your product and find the best solution for each. We deliver the foundation your applications require: server, asset host and database.


Our cloud-based solutions apply best practices in managing platform security. This protects you by applying security controls at every layer from physical to digital. Rapid deployments of security updates without customer interaction or service interruption are critical. Depending on your needs, we can also support advanced security standards (PCI, HIPAA, SSL)

Next Steps
Next Steps

After an intense round of testing, we deploy your application. "Shipping" is an exciting and nerve-racking time and we’ll be there to support you the whole way through. As you on-board new users, we’ll support you by fine-tuning the application to more effectively engage new users. Your customer's satisfaction is key to realizing the application's true value.

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