From the first moment we met Tricia, we knew we had to work with her. Her passion and drive to bring change to women in need is contagious, and creating impact is what we’re all about here at LaunchPad.

Tricia is the brains behind Shift, a crowdfunding platform that raises money for impoverished women. Shift focuses on helping women in third world countries who live off of less than $1 a day. Tricia and her team raise money for these communities of women and send them direct cash transfers, but the impact doesn’t end there. Shift also provides financial education to help these women build sustainable enterprises and bring stability to their families. As you can guess, this can truly change the lives of these women and their communities.

Of course since Shift is focused on helping women, it made sense for Monique and Katie on our team to lead this project.

While building the site, we wanted to create a personal connection between the donors and the recipients of Shift Women. We designed it to focus on individual communities and specific women within these communities. Their stories give donors a glimpse into the lives of the women they’re helping. Outlining the stages of the Shift process was also a big focus of ours, so that donors could see the actual progress within each affected community as the donations are put to use.

Dig deeper into our work with Tricia and Shift here!

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