How it started.

Shortly after we started LaunchPad Lab, we lost a check from a client. From that point on, we started exploring all sorts of ways to accept payments for our business, looking for something better. We’ve accepted money via Credit Cards, PayPal, QuickPay, Billpay, Dwolla, by wire, and every other possible method of payment.

Each one had their pros and cons, but none of them were the answer.

What we found.

So what did we do?

After testing out all of the existing payment options, we knew what we were looking for – and since it didn’t exist yet, we decided to build it ourselves. We leveraged our backgrounds in banking and finance, and ultimately set out to build something that would help our business run more efficiently. We thought of it as a “valet service” for collecting money from our customers, so we aptly named it PayValet.

So how does it work?

We initially built this for ourselves, but when many of our friends and clients asked us about it, we decided to let others use it too.


During our private beta, we were lucky to have customers raving about PayValet. We’ve had a wide range of people using it – big names like the Chicago Bulls, marketing firms like 1st Labs, and freelancers like Liz Sarb. The results have been outstanding. Some of our clients are reporting their accounts receivable decreasing by over 70% because of PayValet! That alone makes it worth all the work we put into it.

So after a year of private beta, it’s time to unleash this to all of you.

Welcome to PayValet. We hope it helps your business as much as it has helped ours.

What’s stopping you? Sign up for free today!

Tom Cullen


Tom, a very proud and active alumni of St. Bonaventure University, began LaunchPad Lab after an eleven year stint running trading firms and building software in the high speed world of finance. He constantly thinks about how to use software to make enormous impact, and he loves working with clients to maximize their potential. Tom preaches design thinking, business innovation strategy, and works a side gig as a superhero (the latter being a great source of joy to his 1 and 3 year old daughters).

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