Step 1

Upfront Discovery & Alignment

Starting with a discovery workshop(link to article),  we work with you to understand your business, the key challenges you’re facing, and your hopes for the future. The output of this workshop serves as the North Star for our software development lifecycle, providing clarity on the outcomes we are setting out to achieve together, and ensuring that our team is in the best position to guide you down the right path.

After discovery, our team then develops a Product Roadmap for your organization. This project plan provides all the information you and your executive team need to make a decision on moving forward with the project, including:

  1. Goals & Key Considerations
  2. Product Vision
  3. Technical Architecture
  4. Delivery Plan
  5. Timeline & Costs
Step 2

Incremental Development

From there, we take our findings and get to work, delivering your project through incremental agile sprints and bi-weekly product demos. Through regular communication with your product team and a Project Health Report, you can feel confident that you’re in the loop with everything that’s going on.

Step 3

Ongoing Support & Iteration

We continue to work with our clients far beyond the first launch. We work with you to understand your user’s feedback and develop new features, enabling you to stay at the forefront of your industry. We also partner with our clients to offer application & error monitoring to maintain the health of your new website or application.

This collaborative approach to software development combines best-in-class strategies, emerging and proven technologies, and an unwavering commitment to deliver products that are built right.

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